Saturday, 20 December 2014

Im an adult woman !!!!

Working Vs Study 

its been a while ...not a while actually ...its 2 years i didn't do any update to my blog.

Most probably because bz of working ... 

Where i'm working ?

yeah ..good question..

Im working in KL...leaving behind all of my great life in kelantan.

to be frank living alone..working.... is not that fun as i imagine before.

It is so different .

I miss the moment when im a student.

Working make you appreciate the money even more.

I cant imagine . how could i ask my mom to give so much money ... Sorry ma.... 

when we work ...we know how valuable all the money is even for 1 Ringgit.

sigh .....if im smarter when im a student.

well...semua dah berlalu kot..nak menyesal x de value dah..

now focus to work... and take care of my mom.

I wonder... how much need i give to my mom every month.. i ask her ..she said la la la ... the she said , ok for my phone bills. 

Then i think ...its unfair.. so i gave her ..supp credit card... (pls dont shop to much). i say...everymonth ...use my card for petrol and groceries or anything..but not too much :-) ...she smile..and until now she refuse to use ..dia ckp..sian anak mama kena byr... i believe its nothing compare to what she need to raise me up . love u mom 

well this is just ordinary blog.... 

just updating day to day :-) 

till then


Amalina Aziz