Sunday, 6 September 2015

I think i need a BreAk

Hi guys,

dah macam raye kan pos aku ?

setahun sekali je..naseb baik ingat lagi password .hahahaha

I didnt expect people will read my Blog. Actually this is more to my MONOLOG page . Where i can cakap sorang2....

Be alone... 

Forever alone...

Image result for lonely girl

my bff says... U never walk alone.. 

i realize .. my life is just about. sara and me ,,then me and sara .

then came this punjabi girl Sharanjit Kaur. very FUN and  bertenaga ! hehehe...she complete our circle. 

That moment.. i  really enjoy working and having fun. During working hours. we are really multi-task person. we can work and we can enjoy. 

Habis keje !!!! then we go Lepak !!! movie and eat. 

Almost every week. 

Happy giler....

Image result for having fun

then the fun come to it Image result for END image .........

i need to be transfer to other department ... then sara move to other team then Sharan want to pursue study kat Oversea .. 

hoping the best to both of them :-) 

well our FUN  tidak berhenti disitu.

waiting for the next CUTI . Target by end of April 2016.

Going to Image result for melbourne on map Again....hehehee

its been like more than 5 years since my last visit.

so i really2 miss that moment tho...

the weather , the nice people and yummy hot chocolate. But the problem is. Financil Crisis now.

because i just bough a car.. so 99% money gone already. NVM . work hard play hard . Correct ?

till next time guys !


Geboo Girl