Monday, 26 March 2012

Assallamualaikum . Hai , hello :-) !!!!

its been a day aku discharged from wad .. my condition is getting better ... pagi tadi semput sikit...sebab baru bebas dari penyedut oksigen tu la , dah empat hari duk sedut bende tu..tiba2 kat umk..x de penyedut ... x trying to learn untuk tidak bergantung sgt pada ubat2 ubatan ....

im totally twisted by  my personality ... kejap happy ..kejap now , maybe sebab makin tua kena berubah ke arah matang la ...

what is friendship ? how a friend can change u to become another person n different person ??

easy to mention about friendship..but no body really care about it 

     "One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives."
                   - Euripides, Greek playwrite                               

Im a person that always care about friendship...... i love my friends...sometimes i care my friends more than my family members...but since the salah faham thing happen to me .. i become sad n stressfull.. i want to move out from this misery .... but , terlajak perahu boleh diundur..terlajak kata...nothing can be done except apologies ' saqua ' ...but im not saying im a bad person ..i have done nothing wrong so far ..but my expression make other people berkecik hati...sian orang2 itu ...
im tyring to pull my self together n be my self again... :-D

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