Thursday, 31 May 2012

Finding A Family ( 2011 )

Assallamualaikum ,
Hey yo oll People  ;-)  and of corse la hello again to my lovely friend yang duduk n tgh 'ber'study week kat UMK.

Today is Friday . orang pon dah x ramai...ramai student balik rumah n study kat rumah ( a big No and taboo for me,duk umah jawabnya makan tido la aku) so... utk friday today. aku x start study agi but im watching english movie.not the unmoral movie but the movie yang bagi kite kisah pengajaran  :-)

Title : Finding A family ( 2011) and it based on true story !
personal pandangan. U all need to watch it ! sedih sgt .... kehidupan yang sukar but he manage to get straight A's! how cool is that huh ?
but there is an issue here . Malaysian people wont do that ... Terminate hak seorang ibu to her own son. er !!! that why u need to watch this movie !

Sinopsis CERITA : 
"Finding a Family" is based on the true story of Alex Chivescu, a ward of the state of Michigan, who knowing he cannot be emancipated from the foster care system, searches for a new mom and dad within the school district that he believes can fulfill his lifelong dream of attending an Ivy League university.

Alex (Jared Abrahamson) has a passion for learning, instilled by his loving single mother, Ileana (Kim Delaney) who has a doctorate degree and speaks six languages. When Alex was 10-years-old, Ileana had a life-altering car crash that left her struggling with bouts of anger and depression, so much so that a family court judge deemed her unfit to parent Alex further. 

The one constant in his life is school. When Alex's transportation funding ends, he discovers he's about to be assigned to a foster family outside the school district that can provide stability and a curriculum that can get him into an Ivy League university. Alex is left with only one option: in order to avoid being assigned outside the high school he loves, he must find a new mom and dad

So people , what r u waiting for ???? search this movie ASAP !

Btw : gusi gue bengkak sihhhhhhh..sakit sgt !!!

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